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A quick introduction to our community, and who we are here at VLRP Gaming!

Our community was originally started way back in 2010 with only a single server, this server was called DarkRP Reborn. This is unknown to a lot of people mainly due to the fact it was so long ago and the server had a different name to what we are called now. In 2010 our server DarkRP Reborn made it all the way to the number one position on Game Tracker under the Garry's Mod servers section and had a long and successful run till around 2015, when we decided to do a server revamp. On the 28th of January 2015 it was decided to change the server name to Virtual Life Roleplay and change some major assets of the server. The server continued to grow and grow until the community couldn't be contained to just one server anymore, so we changed into a gaming community, that hosts multiple servers instead of just one to fit the communities needs and with this we also changed the community name to VLRP Gaming.


VLRP Gaming has been standing strong ever since then and the community has continued to grow, adapt and change into what the community is today. We are currently mainly a Garry's Mod focused community but hope to expand and provide you other servers for different games in the near future. Our current aim is to provide you with a big chain of highly developed and customized Garry's Mod servers which are on the best gamemodes in the whole of GMod. We have clear goals and aim to provide you with a fantastic, enriching experience through any and all of our multiple Garry's Mod servers we currently provide in our community and generally top quality entertainment overall. As well as plenty of Gaming Servers that we provide for you, we also provide you with our wonderful forums, Teamspeak 3 server, our dedicated staff team and professional owners who help VLRP Gaming in striving and achieving to be one of the most successful communities within Garry's Mod to this date. We own various Garry's Mod servers with different gamemodes that you can join right now and even if Garry's Mod isn't a game you enjoy, stick around because we will be branching out into other games in the near future. We hope you join in and help us to grow even larger and help us to grow even greater!


Community Services

As well as the many community servers we offer on top of that we also offer plenty of other services such as our forum, website and much much more! With an active and dedicated development team, VLRP Gaming is always up to date and looking to expand out even more. Please feel free to give us all your suggestions for us no matter how hard they sound to implement, we will do our best to make the impossible reality. Community Forums>>

Community Servers

We have plenty of community servers (mainly Garry's Mod currently) to keep you entertained hosted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, these servers are fully custom with lots of effort put in regularly to keep them up to date and to keep them interesting by adding lots of new content frequently. With a strong DDoS protection enabled on our servers and an unbeatable anti-cheat, downtime is a rarity here at VLRP Gaming! Community Servers>>

Community Members

Our community members are what make this community possible. Here at VLRP Gaming, we are proud to say that we have so many amazing people in our community, it is honestly a privilege to have such great staff members, community VIPs, and regular players. We can confidently say the players here will not let you down on giving you a fun and enjoyable experience on any of our game servers, TeamSpeak, and even on the forums! Community Steam Group>>


Featured Servers:

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Our current featured servers running are...
  • Virtual Life Roleplay
  • Virtual Life Retro Planet
  • DarkRP
  • Semi-Serious Roleplay
  • Grand Theft Auto: Online
  • Serious Roleplay (PERP)
  • TeamSpeak 3
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