Roleplay Guidelines

Roleplay Guidelines:

Last updated: 08/08/2017


Important Notices:

Here at VLRP Gaming, we have a fairly relaxed set of guidelines. We like to encourage creative and imaginative roleplaying/events as long as it’s not obstructive to other players or the server. Please, always keep other players in mind while you’re enjoying your time on the server and remember to always try and solve petty disputes BEFORE calling a member of staff.

BUYER WARNING: Our servers may sometimes go offline due to unforeseen circumstances, if you lose any item you have purchased in-game such as money printers, bitcoin miners, weed plants, drugs, gun shipments, et cetera, please make sure you are respectful towards staff when the server goes online again and do not spam the chat asking for refunds. Our staff will be very busy doing all they can to get the server running smoothly again and will accept refund requests with sufficient proof of purchase. There is always an inherent risk when buying a money printer, bitcoin miner, leaving gun shipments lying around, et cetera so please do keep this in mind when purchasing anything in-game.

Also please note if you buy entities from another player these will disappear as soon as the player you bought them from disconnects from the server.


Random Death Match (RDM):

If you are new to VLRP Gaming you might not understand this term but when you put it into simple terms it means “don’t randomly kill people as you please”. This means you must always have a valid roleplay reason to kill or harm another player. Mass RDM is where you kill multiple people for no reason.

Random Death Match, literally means a random attempt to shoot a player or kill. All kills and opening fire(Using your weapon) threats must have a valid role-play reason, not all the valid reasons need to be written down, use your common sense, attempting to kill/damage someone without a valid RP reason will end up in a kick and if the situation is major, a ban(the staff decides the length).

Some examples of reasons to kill someone would be that:

1. Your life is in danger/threatened.
2. Someone poses a threat during your raid. Example They have a gun out.
3. If you are being raided this counts as a threat and you can shoot your intruders.
4. You mug someone and they run away. If someone drops the money and you still kill them it will be taken as RDM because they did what you ordered.

Some examples of reasons you shouldn’t kill someone would be that:

1. Because they are a specific job for example a police officer may not shoot a criminal simply because they are a criminal.
2. Placing a hit on someone just because you feel like it you need to have a reason.
3. Going around randomly punching people.
4. Killing people while they are using NPCs or AFK (Away from keyboard).

Killing someone should always be a last resort.

Always have a valid role-play reason for killing someone. i.e. Raiding, Mugging, Hits
Killing someone should be a last resort, try and find a creative RP solution first.
Do NOT go around randomly punching people (this is known as punch whoring).

For example:
If someone attempts to raid you and you kill him, it will NOT count as RDM.
If you just walk on the street, pull out your gun and kill someone without a reason at all, it will count as RDM.
If you don’t like someone or you got killed recently by someone and you go back to him and kill him for revenge, maybe you even broke NLR and it’s considered RDM.

– Examples of valid reasons to kill another player:
The player enters a highly restricted area such as the bank vault or back of PD.
The player kills an ally or friend of yours.
The player attempts to destroy or steal your property.
The player acts threatening towards you.

  • Players directly harming your life, property and/or freedom may be killed without warning.
  • Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning.
  • All other cases require a valid 10 second warning, which is a clear set of instructions delivered through normal chat towards a single target.
  • If a target of which a warning and/or inducing action is being directed too shows hostile intent, such as but not limited to specifically pulling out a weapon (and not the other way around), then action can be made instant.
    • Examples of Inducing Actions: Stunsticking, Raping, Mugging, Pimp Slapping, and etc


New Life Rule ( NLR ):

On our server, and many others, NLR is in place for the benefit of everyone.

Basically, when you die, you begin a new life and you must:

1. Forget everything from your previous life, and we mean anything and everything.
2. Here on Virtual Life Roleplay you cannot return to your previous location for a minimum of 3 minutes after death. or until a raid you were killed in has ended.
3. If a criminal comes into your gun shop and raids and kills you, you cannot then refuse to serve him in your next life while running the shop because he killed you in your past life.
4. Government Officials may break NLR if the Bank, Casino or PD is being raided.

You can not return to your base if you died defending it from a raid until the raid is over, this includes sniping from a distance or shooting at your base from the outside. You will notice that you are still being raided when people are telling you to go outside, you can see that your stuff is being destroyed or you can use a camera which you must have placed before the raid started.

For example:
Someone raids you, he calls over and you find him carrying a printer with your name on it and you kill him  you haven’t broke NLR.
Someone raids you and you die. You have waited till the person calls over and go back to your base. On the way you see the guy who raided you, you pull out your gun and you kill him, you broke NLR.
Someone raids you and you die. You have waited till the raid ended and act towards the players who raided you as if nothing has happened, you didn’t break NLR.
If you die during the raid, even if it’s not your base you can not come back until the raid is over.

When you die, you begin a new life. You Forget everything from your past life.You cannot return to your previous location for a minimum of 5 minutes

If you were killed during a raid, you cannot return to that place until the raid is complete.

Follow New Life Rule (NLR). You do not remember anything that happened in your former life. You can not return to where you died or interact with people in the area you died in for 3 minutes.

2.3 New Life Rule – Do not return or interact with the district that you died in within three minutes of dying, unless otherwise specified by a different rule. If you died in the spawn district you should leave the district promptly without any role-play interaction.

Police jobs are allowed to break NLR at the Mining/Police District or when attempting to stop an active nuke or bank raid.



What we define as metagaming is using outside RP things for RP things.This can includes using things said in OOC for RP purpose.

Example being using ooc for arrests warrants wanted etc. It also includes using things from a past life for RP.You cant remember things after you die for the most part. See NLR Above.

Do not Metagame. Metagaming is acting on information your character does not know of, or using OOC elements in-character such as using your keyboard to open fading doors.

You are not allowed to transfer any information from IC to OOC, or vice versa.
You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing something through the wall (Keypad code you got while playing a different job, Name Tags, Drug Lab Tags, etc).


  • Your character may not use information beyond their knowledge. This includes but is not limited any form of revenge killing, warrant, wanting, or demoting


Fail Role Playing (Fail RP):

Fail Role Playing is doing something that is not roleplay in a roleplay situation. Many of the job titles and descriptions explain the main purpose of the job, this helps players to understand what their job role requires them to do.

An Example of FailRP could be:

1. Police Officers – Killing the mayor.
2. Criminals – Helping the police.
3. Gun Dealer – Raiding.

Some jobs such as Hobos in their job descriptions say that you may not base as them. Basing as these classes is a form of Fail RP. The following are examples of basing:

1. If own doors in a building.
2. If you are inside that base helping with whatever is happening inside.
3. If you co own doors in a base.
4.If you are working with people inside a base.

Fail Role Playing is doing something Roleplay wise that goes against your job description.

An Example of FailRP would be a police officer killing the mayor, a gun dealer raiding, hobos owning doors. If it’s not written or implied about whether you can or can’t do something, it’s best to NOT do it and ask an admin for input. Things said in Out Of Character (OOC) chat cannot be used for RP purposes, ever.


Out of character (OOC):



In character (IC):


Random Arrest (RDA):


Leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP):


Fading Door Abuse (FDA):

Always use your keypads to open fading doors (not your toggle keys) as this gives you a generally unfair advantage over other players (for example when being raided).

Buttons can be used with fading doors but not for the purpose of toggling faded props to shoot through them (often refereed to as faded windows).

9. Regarding fading doors with keypads or buttons. They need to be near or on the door obvious to which door it operates, there can not be fakes, and there is a maximum of two fading doors for defenses. The mayor can only have one fading door.

FDA is when you fail to follow the following:

1. You cannot open/close your door with your key binds at all (or buttons VERY quickly you must keep doors open for 5 seconds when using buttons and don’t use buttons instead of keypads for every fading door there must be a keypad). Use keypads or buttons to open fading doors not key binds!

2. Minimum time you can have your door open on Virtual Life Roleplay is 5 seconds, meaning that if you have a keypad that is at default set to less than 5 seconds you need to modify it to 5 seconds. If you open and close the door but and it doesn’t open for 5 seconds it is taken as FDA. For example you are being raided and you close the fading door to stop people getting in and it hasn’t been 5 seconds.

3. All of your fading doors must have visible (can be reached and the keypad cracker can be used on it) working (no keypads that do nothing near fading doors) keypads near the fading door and make sure there is one on both sides of the door so people can get in and out using a keypad (shop windows can have only one keypad or button) fail to follow this and its classed as FDA.


Roleplay Specific Rules:

Do not abuse your job to kill people or create FailRP scenarios
Never avoid role-play scenarios. (Ex:, disconnecting, switching jobs, suicide.)
Do not switch jobs just to buy/spawn yourself items. (Self Supplying)
Wars, revolutions and server wide RDM fests will not be tolerated.
Do not hide printers/drugs in props where they cannot be accessed
No Property Whoring. Do Not buy up multiple buildings unless part of a gang.
Stealing is allowed. If you drop a shipment on the ground in public or in unowned building, you are take a chance of it being stolen. You do not have to advert anything to steal something from public.
Raiding/Mugging Rules

It must state that you can raid/mug in your job description to do so..
You Can Only Mug/Raid Once every 5 minutes. The cool down starts after the last one is finished.
Do NOT Mug/Raid the same person/place more than once every 15 minutes.
You must /Advert whenever you raid,mug.
You must /Advert when the raid is complete
You must /Advert Raid before breaking into a base.
No Solo Raiding. Unless your jobdescription  says you can solo raid, you must have a group of 2 to raid anything.
You cannot raid a base with a “building” sign. People shouldn’t have anything worth losing in their base until their base is done.
Do not camp or hangout in a base that you are raiding, get in and get out. Call an admin if you think someone is taking too long.
Do not mug someone for more than $5,000
Do Not build or spawn Props while raiding or being raided.
Car Jacking

You class Must be able to MUG inorder to car jack
You can car jack every 5 minutes. You must /advert CarJack before you lockpick or entering the car.
If your car is stolen do NOT spawn another car. You must reacquire your stolen car before spawning another car.
Do not carjack people at the car dealer.
Combat Specific Rules

You can kill People for these reasons

Valid RP reason: Mugging,Raiding,Hit,Arrest
They cross a KOS line
They are posing an immediate threat to you i.e. Threatening to kill you at gunpoint
They are attacking you or a member of your group
You may NOT kill people for these reasons:

Randomly without a valid RP reason
For standing in the street near your base
For Loitering on the sidewalk near your base
Because they killed your friend
Because they are breaking NLR
They are following you around. Call the Cops and get a restraining order from a lawyer.
Building Specific Rules

All Fading Doors Must Have A Visible Keypad Near BOTH sides of the door.
All Keypads must be reachable ,crackable, Have atleast a 5 second hold time, & Go to something (no fakes).
Must be able to enter and exit base without crouching or jumping. (i.e. No Death tunnels)
No Walls that Come Down to players Knees so you can shoots their feet but they can’t see you
No Using One way viewable shootable props or prop combinations.
No using No-Collided Props to run in and out of to shoot people. Do not abuse no-collided props
No Stacking Faded doors or Kill boxes.
No Building in public areas (Hobos,DJs can)
Do Not block off or build in the tunnels or on the Race Track.
No Faded Stairs, Ramps, or Walkways
KOS signs should not be more than a Foot from your base (1×1 Plate for Reference)
No Invisible / blacked out Mazes
Do not use a combination of props,color effects, and or materials to create Unfair seeing Advantages in your base design. i.e. using 1 way viewable props or prop combination to preaim and shoot threw a matted fence or other shoot-through-able props.
Arrest/Warranting Specific Rules

You may arrest someone if:

You see them break a law that is listed on the current law board
You saw them Kill Someone
They are Raiding or Mugging Someone
If they are visibly possessing a contraband item
They are in an AOS area
If the subject is fleeing from an interrogation
Always try to arrest before you kill. It takes one swing to put them in jail.
Do NOT arrest someone if

They are a certain job. i.e. Do not AOS Hobos because they are hobos.
They are Trash Talking
They are breaking a Law thats against server rules.
They are standing near a crime scene
They are standing in the PD lobby
They just killed you. That is Breaking NLR
For breaking a Server Rule, Contact an Admin instead

| AFK rules ( AFK Is Also known as Away From Keyboard ) |

On Virtual Life Roleplay we have an AFK system in place.

Some rules about the AFK system:

1. You can be killed if you are AFK and not in the AFK zone (if an administrator sees you he/she will move you into the AFK zone.
2. You are not allowed to go AFK (using /afk) to avoid a roleplay situation.
3. You can be kicked if you are AFK for over 1 hour.
4. You can be demoted if you are not doing your job and AFK for over 30 minutes.
5. You can be demoted by an administrator if you are a important job such as Mayor and AFK for 15 minutes.


| Building Signs |

1. All bases must be possible to raid even if they have a building sign because anyone can raid them just like a base without a building sign.

2. Fading door should always be built first before anything else. A building sign is not an excuse to prop block.

3. Even if there is a building sign in front of a base the base must still follow all building rules.

| Raiding, Mugging And Hitman Rules |

1. If your job description of the job you are says you can mug, raid or accept hit requests that means you can if it doesn’t you cant.

2. You must /Advert Raid outside the base you are planning to raid. Do not enter the property and then call raid. Do not Kill or Break in without adverting Raid.

3. Your job description will say whether you can raid alone or cant.

4. The cool down for raiding, mugging and accepting hit requests cool down time will be stated in your job description and will start straight after you start the raid, mug or accept the hit.

5. You must /Advert whenever you raid, mug someone or accepted a hit request. You must advert separate if you are raiding, mugging or accepting a hit request not /advert Raid or mug or hit accepted.

6. Government Officials do not have to advert when raiding as long as they have a warrant.

7. You must /Advert when the raid or hit is complete/over.

8. If you die while raiding you must /advert Raid Complete/Over.

9. If you are raiding get in steal what you came in for/kill people who defend and leave do not wait in a base for no reason. If someone is purposely waiting call an administrator.

10. The maximum amount you can mug someone for is $10,000.

11. If raiding someone with a building sign and they don’t attack you then you shouldn’t attack them back.

The maximum you can request for a kidnapped player is 100k, you must specify the amount you want and how long they have to co-operate. The maximum time you can hold someone is 20 minutes which begins when you type “kidnap”, after that, you can not kidnap the same player for 20 minutes.

Government officials should not break the law.

| Combat Engagement Rules |

1. You can now combat arrest if someone is going to shoot at you they should be prepared to do the time.

2. Do not randomly shoot for no reason.

3. Do not use a printer or meth intentionally to kill someone.

You can attack People for these reasons:

1. You are Mugging, raiding or have a hit on them.
2. They are posing a threat to you.
3. You have given them a fair warning (make sure they are aware) and they are not complying.
4. Someone is shooting or stealing from you / raiding you or a member of your group is in danger.
5. They are trying to arrest you.

You may not attack people for these reasons:

1. They are doing no harm.
2. They are following you.
3. You have not given them a fair warning.
4. For no reason (RDM).
5. Your life is not in danger.
6. For Loitering near your base.
7. Because they are breaking NLR (call an administrator).

| Government Official Arresting Rules |

Here are some reasons you are permitted to arrest someone:

1. You witnessed them murder someone.
2. They are breaking laws that the mayor has created.
3. You see them committing illegal activity.
4. They are raiding, mugging or attempting to kill someone for whatever reason.
5. If the player is disobeying police orders.
6. They are in a clearly marked AOS area and have been warned to leave.
7. They have an illegal weapon out. Make sure to warn them first to put it away!
8. They are in a clearly marked AOS area and have been warned to leave. 9. If you witnessed them possessing a illegal item. 10. Make sure you attempt to arrest someone first, shoot at them as a last resort.

Here are some reasons you are not permitted to arrest someone:

1. They are a certain illegal activity based job (like a criminal).
2. If they are breaking the the server rules that is not your job to deal with them.
3. If they are giving you trash talk.
4. If a player is standing near a committed crime scene.
5. If a player turns out to be casually waiting/standing in the PD lobby.
6. Because you feel like it (RDA – Random Arrest)

| Server Law Rules |

There are some laws that we allow on our server but there are also some we don’t.

Here is some examples of laws that are allowed:

1. Make it illegal for gun dealers to sell guns without a gun license.
2. AOS a wanted person (for one of his/her lifes).
3. Disallow weapons in public.
4. Make it so people who don’t have a gun license cannot have guns equipped.
5. People who resist police rule such as ignoring laws will be AOS.

Here is some examples of laws that are not allowed:
1. There is a purge every hour.
2. Money printers and obviously illegal things are legal.
3. AOS people who move.
4. Something that overrules server rules.
5. Force certain classes to do certain things.

| Mugging And Raiding Restrictions |

If your current job can mug you can do this once every 5 minutes.
You can only mug the same person after 30 minutes have passed.

If your current job can raid you can do this once every 5 minutes.
You can only raid the same person after 30 minutes have passed.

5.1 Raid timer – Do not raid the same base more than once within ten minutes. The raid does not end and may continue if you are revived by a server item such as a defibrillator or tactical insertion.

Active nuke launches, active bank vault raids and police department raids are exempt to this rule.

5.2 Finish – You should leave as soon as possible once you are done raiding. You are not allowed to wait in a base for plants to finish growing, the same applies to drugs being made.

5.3 Special Weapons – If special weapons are used on props or a base an attempt must be made to access and raid the area.

5.4 Building & RP House Signs – If someone has a building sign or RP House sign they cannot be raided. If you think they have entities in their building report it to a staff member.

5.5 Shops – Do not raid shops unless they have another door/fading door other than their main entrance or have raid-able entities in their shop.

5.6 Building – Building or rebuilding during a raid is not allowed. Any repairs must be done once the raid has ended. A single prop may be placed during a raid in order to block a camera but this should be removed once the raid has ended.


Vehicle Rules

3.1a CDM Server 1 – You should actively avoid hitting players with your vehicle, this includes all areas of the map.

3.1b CDM Server 2 & 3 – You should actively avoid hitting players unless they are on the road.

3.2 Car Jacking – Players cannot ‘car jack’ vehicles, only unoccupied vehicles can be stolen.

3.3 Vehicle Collisions – If you get damaged as a result of getting hit by a car then you must warn the member using “/me” for example “/me watch where you are going or you will be killed next time!”

3.4 Boats – Players are not allowed to build boats in or on water.

3.5a Trailers Server 1 – Trailers are not allowed on server 1.

3.5b Trailers Server 2 & 3 – Trailers are allowed on server 2 & 3.


Building Rules

3.1 – Bases – Bases must not be misleading or have multiple paths, there must be one clear ‘walkway’ through the entrance of the base. Entrances with three or more turns are not allowed.

3.2 – Keypads – Keypads must work, have a hold length of 4 seconds, and be placed near the prop they are associated with.

3.3 – Fading Doors – You are only allowed 3 fading doors for the entrance of your base. You are allowed 1 fading doors to protect entities such as Printers, per base. You may not use the same fading door across multiple corridors or floors.

3.4 – Public Building – Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public. Civil Protection may also build a checkpoint in public. You are allowed to build at the end of a tunnel as any basing job.

3.5 – Building Signs – If you want to disassociate yourself with RP, you must place a sign saying “Building” and you must not have any entities within the base.

3.6 – Rooftops – Do not build on rooftops unless they are connected to a staircase.

3.7 – IBD – (Invalid base design) Shooting windows must be at least the size of the plastic crate, no fence stacking, fences cannot be a solid material and must be at least an opacity of 125.

3.8 – Stacking – You may not stack fading doors ( It prevents SWAT access and lockpick access )

3.9 – No players may build in the fountain area

3.10 – Raider Defender Rule – The Raider must be able to shoot back if being shot at.

3.11 – Bank – Only the banker may place props inside the bank.

2.12 – Police Department  – Only the Mayor and Civil Protection can build in the Police Department.

3.13 – Props – You may only place props down inside your designated area of the building. Prop flying, Prop abusing, Prop block, entity flying, entity blocking and entity abusing is not allowed.

3.14 – No Collide – You may not abuse no-collided props for your personal gain.

3.15 – Materials – Glowed props are not allowed to be used at shooting windows or ramps.

3.16 – Kill on sight (KOS) – You may not place KOS signs that indicate anything else then you killing them if they enter your base.

3.17 – Hobos – You are only allowed to build a small shed on the sidewalk

3.18 – Mega Bases – You are not allowed to block a whole area even if you own all doors.

4.1 Fading Doors – You are allowed a maximum of three consecutive fading doors to access any part of your base, this does not include fading doors that are part of a printer safe. All fading doors require a button or keypad clearly visible and close to the fading door that can be used to activate them. Fading doors used to enter or exit your building should be operable from both sides of the fading door.

Fading doors used on printer safes must remain open permanently when activated, Other than printer safes, all fading doors must be kept open for a minimum 4 seconds.

Fading doors may not be stacked inside each other and shouldn’t force a player to make the choice between a lock pick or a keypad cracker in order to operate the entire fading door.

4.2 Buttons & Keypads – Buttons and keypads must be clearly visible and should not be used as decorations but rather only be used for the activation of your contraptions.

4.3 Structure Appearance – Built structures must not have any flickering effects or invisible props. Your structures may not have any blacked out rooms or areas, only a single wall of face of your structure may be completely blacked out. Props may not have a lower transparency than 50. Structures should not obstruct vehicle passage on the roads, they may overlap with the roads so long as vehicle passage is possible without driving off-road, district bases, checkpoints and tollgates are excluded from this part of the rule.

4.4 Obstacles – Player built obstacles that impede player movement are not allowed. This includes obstacles that slow the player, force the player to crouch or force the player to jump. Players should not be forced to traverse over world props or difficult to traverse areas of the world they would not otherwise need to pass. This includes but isn’t exclusive to forcing a player to jump or crouch between or through parts of the world or other strange places. No mazes may be built, players should only be presented with one way to navigate prop defenses.

4.5 Shooting Windows – Shooting windows must not be vertically shallower than the lampshade prop.

4.6 Ladders, Ramps & Bridges – Ladders, ramps or bridges must be wide enough for two players to stand side by side on them at once and cannot be fading doors. They must also be properly supported in a realistic way.

4.7 Roof Structures – Bases or structures may be built on a roof as long as the roof can be accessed, either via the world or with a built ramp, ladder or bridge and follow all other rules. The roof must also not be further from the ground than a plate1x8.mdl placed vertically. The roof also cannot border to the edges of the map.

4.8 Street Structures – Bases or structures may be built anywhere as long as they do not intrude on a property you do not own and follow all other rules.

4.9 Floating Structures – Structures must not be floating and should be aesthetically supported at the edges.

4.10 Prop Block – You may block unused areas and entrances of your structures or bases as long as there is at least one entrance and no entities are blocked.

4.11 Entities – Do not store entities in inaccessible areas of the map. This includes storing entities inside world props. Entities placed outside of a building must not be vertically further from the ground than a plate1x8.mdl placed vertically. This excludes areas that are accessible through an exisiting building, ladder or a staircase.

Entities shouldn’t be used as a building material. They should only be used for their intentional RP purpose, excluding metal detectors, which can be used freely as long as they don’t break other building rules.

4.12 Kill boxes – Kill boxes that expose a part of a players hit box through the collision box of a prop are not allowed.

4.13 Elevators – Explosives weapons may not be fired up or down elevator shafts, this includes grenades. The usage of the force field to harm people inside an elevator is not allowed. Building or storing entities is also disallowed in the elevator shaft.

4.14 Fake Entrances – Structures are not allowed to have any fake entrances.

4.15 Purchasing/Claiming Properties & Areas – You may only purchase multiple properties if you have enough people to occupy each property. There should be at least one person per property. The owner of a property is the person that owns the main door. When taking over a district all buildings must be owned and have one person for each property. Districts with NPCs cannot be blocked and players must have full access to NPCs and all of their services. The player must also be able to leave after using the NPC.

4.16 Building Signs – A building sign may be placed on a structure that is under active construction. Whilst the sign is in place no entities may be stored or placed in the structure or building. You may only place building signs on buildings or structures you own. Anything similar to the word building will be counted as a building sign, creating “fake” signs still counts. Building signs should be clearly visible.

4.17 Police Departments – Only government employees may build in a police department. These are Police, SAS, SWAT, Prison Guard and Mayor. No illegal entities may be stored inside a police department. This rule also includes all jail areas.

4.18 Hospitals – No building in or on top of hospital buildings is allowed.

4.19 Metal Detectors – Any structure may contain metal detectors as long as they’re not used to block entrances or used as building materials. Spamming metal detectors by walking through them is not allowed.

4.20 Police Checkpoints – Police, SWAT or SAS may construct checkpoints but these must be manned by two people at a time. Vehicles or players may only be held for a maximum of two minutes.

4.21 Text Screens – Text Screens must not have flickering effects, invisible or anything difficult to the eye. You are not allowed to place them on anyone’s house or another players “Shop Area”. Text Screens can not contain anything that is offensive or breaks TOU.

4.22 Cameras – You are not allowed to place your camera down multiple times in a row, You need to choose a spot for it in your base and leave it placed while you remain basing. This doesn’t include when you’re building.

4.23 RP Houses – An RP house sign may be placed to designate a RP House, these may not contain any non-prop entities other than cars, metal detectors, shop entities, cameras or donation boxes. You may only place RP House signs on buildings or structures you own. Anything similar to RP House will be counted as an RP House sign, creating “fake” signs still counts. RP House signs should be clearly visible.

4.24 Water – No storing entities or basing under water.

4.25 KOS Signs – KOS signs are not allowed to specify specific jobs that will or will not be KOS.

4.26a Restricted Buildings Server 2 – You may not build in or on top of the car dealership. The first floor of the spawn building cannot be built in other than the court room if you are Police, SAS, Mayor or SWAT. Anyone may build on the second floor of the spawn building.

4.26b Restricted Buildings Server 3 – No building in the first floor of the nexus.