rp_downtown_v4c_v2_vlrp_ext (Custom Community Map)

Help us afford a new map for the server: Virtual Life Roleplay (also known as the “Classic Server” or “DarkRP Reborn”)!

We’re planning to add the following to our new map:
– FPS optimisation for the whole map (giving players an FPS boost of around 75-100FPS from the current map).
– A new hospital building (next to the current Fire Department on the map).
– A new Cinema which will be implemented into the industrial area of the map.
– A church building.
– Town hall interior design (including a court room inside).
– A new building behind spawn zone for people to either base in or use as an AFK zone.
– An elevator which leads to a huge mine below the map for people to mine in.
– Much much more!

Fundraising so far…

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Donation Total: €50.00

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