Discord Rules:

Last updated: 08/08/2017


Important Notice:

Please make sure you read the community guidelines as they apply to all services and servers.

A staff members discretion regarding any breach of the server rules or community guidelines is not debatable directly with that employee. If you feel a member of staff has misconducted themselves (for example: misusing their powers/authority or not conducting themselves in a professional manner) you can contest their actions only by creating a staff misconduct report, which can be done by clicking here.


General Rules:

1. Do not change channels continuously (this often done to irritate or annoy others).

2. Music is only allowed to be played through your capture device in the music rooms, donator rooms (with permission from the room owner) and staff offices (with permission from the office owner).

3. Do not tag someone in a message if they are in a busy (do not disturb) channel, away from keyboard channel or the sleeping channel.