Forum Rules:

Last updated: 08/08/2017


Important Notice:

Please make sure you read the community guidelines as they apply to all services and servers.

A staff members discretion regarding any breach of the server rules or community guidelines is not debatable directly with that employee. If you feel a member of staff has misconducted themselves (for example: misusing their powers/authority or not conducting themselves in a professional manner) you can contest their actions only by creating a staff misconduct report, which can be done by clicking here.

We advise that you never reveal any personal information about yourself when using our forum (for example: Your home address, telephone number et cetera.) When sharing information about yourself you must be ready to take full responsibility for anything that happens as a result of sharing this information.


General Rules:

1. Posting threads in all capital letters is not necessary and should be avoided.

2. When posting a thread make sure it is relevant and appropriate to the forum/category you are posting in (keeping threads within their appropriate places). Make sure you don’t post something in the wrong section (If no section is appropriate just use general).

3. Do not purposely change (derail) a thread’s topic and/or post irrelevant replies. This means don’t bring up topics that do not relate to the thread subject and keep all discussion in a thread relevant to the original topic. When posting URLs also make sure they are relevant to the thread.

4. If you are posting proof/evidence and you’re including a link, please use a trusted website (for example: Youtube, Imgur, Gyazo, et cetera.)

5. If a thread owner asks you to stop posting replies on their thread please respect this request.

6.  Do not pester staff members about anything that isn’t relevant to their job.

7. Only give constructive feedback on an application, suggestion, appeal, et cetera. This means make sure to always give a reason for your +1, -1, or Neutral.You should also generally only reply to appeal threads if you were directly involved with the situation in question.

8. Don’t double post. Use the edit function if you want to add additional information to a post/thread you’ve already made.

9. Do not use alternate accounts to manipulate poll results.

10. Please try to avoid posting massively repeated threads.

11. Don’t make threads that could just be sent to an individual person.

12. Don’t be a mini/backseat staff member (policing the forum and informing people like you’re a member of staff, use the report button instead).

13. When making a threads make sure it has a purpose. Unnecessary/excessive posting with no real meaning and/or intention other than to up your post count is not allowed. You should also only be posting on a thread if you’re contributing to it and supplying something relevant. A contribution is considered relevant if it offers a commentary or encourages discussion regarding the matter within the thread. When posting replies avoid posting low effort comments (for example: Same, yes, no, I agree, I disagree, et cetera – especially comments without an explanation behind the response).

14. Extremism is not not allowed.

15. Encouraging hatred between groups of people/staff members.

16. When making a thread make sure the title properly describes what the post is about and avoid using short and brief titles.

18. Do not attempt to bypass any filters we have in place.

19. Avoid posting more than one reply in a row, use the edit button to add more to a comment you have posted.

20. Refrain from posting spoilers, if you are posting a spoiler make sure it is properly advertised as a spoiler.