GMod Casino

GMod Casino Rules:

Last updated: 08/08/2017


Important Notice:

Please make sure you read the community guidelines as they apply to all services and servers.

A staff members discretion regarding any breach of the server rules or community guidelines is not debatable directly with that employee. If you feel a member of staff has misconducted themselves (for example: misusing their powers/authority or not conducting themselves in a professional manner) you can contest their actions only by creating a staff misconduct report, which can be done by clicking here.


General Rules:

1. Do not stand on the game tables inside the Casino as this can annoy and irritate other players who are playing.

2. Intentionally interfering with anyone playing a game on our server with bad intentions (for example: to steal someones slot machine from them, to disrupt a game of Black Jack by screaming, et cetera) is not tolerated. If a player requests you to leave them alone, then please do so.

3. Asking for an in-game balance boost from staff is prohibited, staff are not allowed to give out in-game cash to players so asking is pointless and generally wastes staff time.