Grand Theft Auto: Online

Grand Theft Auto: Online Rules:

Last updated: 24/10/2016


Important Notice:

A staff members discretion on any rules and appropriate punishment for failing to abide by a rule is final, If you have a problem with what any staff member has said/done and feel they have misconducted themselves (for example: misusing their powers/authority or not conducting themselves in the correct manner that wouldn’t represent VLRP Gaming in a positive way) it is advised that you do not argue or confront the staff member about what they do and how they do it, despite how frustrating this can be as this could get you into more trouble for failing to listen and/or respect staff members. Instead listen to the staff member and take their punishment whilst gathering evidence around what has happened with this staff member and contact a higher staff member to get the issue sorted or create a staff misconduct report. You can create a misconduct report by clicking here.