Virtual Life Roleplay (Classic Server)

Virtual Life Roleplay Rules:

Last updated: 14/08/2018


Important Notices:

Please make sure you read and familiarise yourself with the community guidelines as they apply to all services and servers before jumping into the action. Make sure you are also familiar with the roleplay guidelines as they apply to this server. Ignorance of any of our guidelines or rules is not an excuse to break them. You, and only you are held liable if you are caught breaking any of these rules.

The server rules are here as guidelines which you should use and aim to follow whilst playing on any of our servers, they are not here for you to look for loopholes which will allow you to bend, twist and manipulate the rules to suit you.

A staff members discretion regarding any breach of the server rules or community guidelines is not debatable directly with that employee. If you feel a member of staff has misconducted themselves (for example: misusing their powers/authority or not conducting themselves in a professional manner) you can contest their actions only by creating a staff misconduct report, which can be done by clicking here.

Never break a server rule because someone else broke a rule. Call a staff member over or report it, two wrongs do not make a right.


| Common Basic And General Rules |

1. Do not bunny hop on this server, it’s unrealistic and this is ment to be realistic aimed roleplay.
2. If you cross a KOS line you can be killed by the owner of that property or people basing with him as long as it is a valid KOS line.
3. Always treat a person how you would in real life so make sure you treat people the way you would want to be treated. Respect everyone!
4. When using a radio to play music please keep a reasonable distance between any existing radios that have been placed by another player.
5. Do not kill, build, or park cars in the spawn areas.
6. Body blocking is not allowed if you are doing it to be annoying.
7. If you want to steal a car make sure your class can mug otherwise you cannot steal the car (You must /advert Carjack before you lockpick or enter the car and you must also wait 5 minutes after stealing a car to take another).
8. Do not prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam. Same rules apply for entities.
Do not spawn props in other peoples bases without their permission.
You cannot get assistance to complete a hit.

Trespassing – If you are caught trespassing in someone else’s base you can be killed on sight.

Do not do anything which can harm the server or disrupt the quality of others’ gameplay.

13. Do not annoy, pick on or harass anybody on purpose for any reason. It will not be tolerated!

17. Do not metagame. This includes using things like /ooc (out of character) and remembering things after death (NLR) for RP things like warranting.

No racism\Bigotry\Homophobic remarks towards anybody for any reason.

18. Use “@” space your message to the administrators to talk to an administrator. Do not use /ooc or /advert as these are not for communicating with administrators and they might not respond to these messages. Don’t call an administrator for not important reasons make sure you have a valid reason for requesting an administrator.

Do not mess with staff on duty, they are not role-playing so you shouldn’t interact with them as if they are.

1.1 Character names are not allowed if they:

are impossible to pronounce;
include numbers or symbols;
include punctuation marks that do not have a phonetic significance. However, you can have a hyphen to link forenames or surnames (for example, if you want a double-barreled name) and an apostrophe in the case of surnames like O’Brien;
include vulgar, offensive or blasphemous;
promotes criminal activities;
promotes racial or religious hatred;
promotes the use of controlled drugs or includes the generic or slang name for them;
ridicules people, groups, government departments, companies or organisations;
may result in others believing you have a conferred or inherited honour, title, rank or academic award, for example, a change of first name to Sir, Lord, Laird, Lady, Prince, Princess, Viscount, Baron, Baroness, General, Captain, Professor or Doctor etc.
exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed in a name (30 characters)


2.4 Prop Abuse – The use of a prop to harm, push or surf is not allowed.

2.5 Spawn – You are not allowed to obstruct spawn areas and areas leading into spawn, this includes but isn’t limited to building or parking vehicles in the way of spawn areas or tunnels.

2.6 Custom Job Titles – Using custom job titles doesn’t void other rules in place on the server or enable you to break the rules assigned to your job. An example being setting your job title to terrorist, you may do as such but it doesn’t allow you to random death match players on the server. Your actions must be thoughtful and properly role-played. You may not set your custom job title to that of another job.

2.7 FearRP – If you are held at gunpoint and you weren’t holding a gun first, you must follow demands given to you. You cannot equip a gun from your hot-bar or inventory at this time.

Melee weapons may also be used to enact FearRP but an armed opponent will be able to resist this regardless of the number of individuals armed with melee weapons.

Do not do anything to risk your life when under FearRP. The side with the most armed people are in charge of a situation, this means that large amount of people may overpower a single armed person even if that person already had a gun out. FearRP ends in the case of combat starting.

You must use /me to conduct FearRP. For example: ‘/me handcuffs [name]’ or ‘/me locks vehicle door’ to prevent escape.

– Taking a hostage: When under FearRP someone may be taken hostage and must then comply until their ransom is payed, someone breaks them out or the hostage takers are killed. The police should try their best to rescue the player without putting the player at risk. The maximum amount of time someone may be held hostage is five minutes and the maximum ransom is $50K. You may only take a hostage in a place that you cannot be seen or is not visited by many people. You can also kidnap someone anywhere if the area is empty. Kidnapping in the mines is not allowed.

– Mugging: When under FearRP someone may be mugged, they cannot refuse this if they have the money and cannot kill the mugger once the mug is over. The maximum amount that can be taken during a mug is $4K. You may not mug more than three times over the course of an hour. You may only mug in a place that you cannot be seen or is not visited by many people. You can also mug someone anywhere if the area is empty. Mugging in the mines is not allowed.

2.8 Bribing – You are not allowed to bribe or pay players to become other jobs.

2.9 Self Defense Against Police – You may only defend yourself against cops that are actively trying to arrest or attack you whilst you are wanted, this includes cops that are following you around for extended amounts of time.

2.10 Entity Bombing – You are not allowed to intentionally use entities as bombs to damage or destroy other entities or players.

Props and Entities

  • Prop/Entity/Door spamming, blocking, climbing, surfing, and minging is not allowed.
  • Do not spawn props/move props inside of other players’ bases, do not do it during raids, and do not do it inside of a server event.
  • Building abnormally large bases, obscene objects, or other RP-restricting structures (i.e things blocking the road) will result in them being removed.
  • Prop mingery is not allowed. Prop minging consists of prop blocking, prop surfing, prop climbing, spamming props, prop clipping, prop killing, building in spawn, invisible props, spawning props in someone’s base, and spawning props during a raid.

Basing and Building

  • You may have a building sign (using textscreen) to isolate and protect yourself from the RP world provided you do not have any raidables, and you are not engaging in role-play. It must be removed when you are finished.
  • The maximum amount of fading doors per base is three.
  • A keypad to a fading door must be clearly identifiable.
  • Bases cannot force players to crouch, jump, or crouch jump to enter.
  • Fading bridges and sky-bases are not allowed.
  • Base entrances as well as the overall inner layout must be absolutely clear and concise. (i.e mazes, traps, puzzles, etc.)

RP Relation

  • Ways to be RP related:
    • Job/Class – This takes precedence over all other RP relation. You must also follow all class rules before considering RP relation.
    • Owning the same base – You may only protect those within the vicinity of your base.
    • Organization – An organization can be made for $50,000 .
    • Hired/Working Together – You must be either hired through F4, or have your job name set as: /job “with person/org name here*”
    • Customer Relationship – Whilst performing your transaction you have RP relation with your customer

Raiding, Mugging, and Hostage Taking

  • You (and those RP related with you) must wait 10 minutes before performing these actions on the same person, base, or organization.


  • Maximum $1,000
  • Must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they are escaping
  • Any signs of hostile intent from the victim (taking out weaponry) is KOS, this does NOT include if the victim already has a weapon out.
  • Any signs of clear clear clear clear CLEAR attempts of escape from the victim renders them KOS

Hostage Taking

  • Hostage ransom cannot exceed $10,000.


  • Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately. You cannot occupy the base.
  • If it is obvious that there are no raidables in a base, you may not raid.
  • You may raid checkpoints as to dismantle their purpose.

6. Abide by your job’s rules and description.

7. You can only raid as certain classes. (Specified here) Once your objective is complete, do not take over.

8. If someone is not doing their job demote them; however, do not random demote. If there is an administrator on, do not demote for server rules.



  • Do not self-supply. This also includes switching to a job already occupied by another player on the server, and purchasing goods at the maximum discounted price. You may do so only if the job is completely unoccupied, I.E you being the only one within the job.
  • Do not scam. Including, but not limited to, anything you may be thinking of right this second. “Vendoring” encompasses all trade and transactions even while not being a vendor job, and as always, staff retain constant discretion over anything that may or may not be scamming. Also, this holds no relation to “Gambling”, something that users should be utilizing through functions already found on the server (Gambling Machines). If you are scammed after free hand gambling with other players on the server without utilizing the previously mentioned functions, you are on your own.

Every class has their RP relation, ability to raid, ability to mug, and ability to take hostages listed on their descriptions.


  • Demotions are only for people who fail to satisfy the objectives of a certain job. Unique scenarios for demotion may be provided in the class rules below.
  • If a staff member is online, do not demote for server rule violations.

Government Classes

  • In the PD, the Mayor has final say on building defenses. If they waive this right, then it is passed on to the Police Chief.
  • The mayor cannot set laws that allow for rule violations or hinder role-play (including any law that restricts building)
  • Government may not own base doors other than the ones in PD (changing to a Government class will force sell your doors in-game)

Police Specific Rules:

  • Police must arrest instead of kill after giving a valid 10 second warning
  • Police must have a valid reason to want, warrant or arrest an individual
  • Police may arrest people past the PD lobby or KOS them if they are armed with hostile intent
  • Police may resort to KOS if a seemingly harmless wanted criminal takes out weaponry after being
  • Police may only build checkpoints if authorized by the Mayor
  • Police may not place illegal items inside a base to arrest or warrant them
  • Police may only raid with a warrant
  • Police cannot raid with criminals
  • IF a player is wanted, the police must make every attempt to arrest FIRST, unless they are armed with hostile intent. Do not confuse this with the police absolutely having to acknowledge crime, they have every right to be corrupt and ignore it.

Grounds for demotion include:

  • Violating custom laws. However, they can be immune laws that prohibit them from performing their duties (e.g. Guns are illegal).
  • Setting laws that give special treatment to a particular person or group
  • Receiving payment for law changes
  • Refusing to enforce the laws
  • Common Basic And General Rules:
    1. Respect your fellow players
    2. Do not harass players
    3. Do not voice spam chat or your microphone with sound
    4. No racial slurs or religious taboo
    5. Do not spam textscreens, Camera, Flashlight or props.
    6. Do not troll
    7. Do not tell an admin how to do his/her job, You are not staff.
    8. Do not impersonate any other player or staff member.
    9. English Only
    10. Do not abuse bugs or glitches. If you find any report it to an admin immediately.
    11. Do not leave while an admins is talking to you is in a sit with you, If you do you will be punished or your punishment will be more severe.
    12. No hacking or exploits.
    13. No Scamming
    14. Do not interrupt or interfere with a sit.
    15. Do not blackmail (Of any kind) players for your own personal gain or any other reason.


    1. Do not self supply.
    2. Do not build inappropriate structures (Applies to hobos and basing)
    3. Do not abuse the camera tool.


    Killing, Shooting, Carjacking & Raiding

    1. You can only Raid/Carjack/Mug every 4 minutes (10 minutes against the same player)
    2. Carjacking a car makes the owner KOS to you, And you KOS to the owner.
    3. You can not carjack in car spawn areas.
    4. You may kill players for crossing your KOS line.
    5. KOS signs must be visible and 100 size text.
    6. Players can add loitering to their KOS signs (This applies to feet, Not miles)
    7. Raids may not exceed 5 minutes, If you exceed the time limit you must exit the base.
    8. All members raiding must advert within 10 seconds of one another (Any after you may not join in on the raid)
    9. You may counter raid
    10. You cannot raid to kill (Raiding a base or building that clearly has nothing of value inside of it)
    11. You can not raid a base with a building sign.


    Role Playing Rules

    1. Do not bait players (Goes for all classes)
    2. You cannot own a marked police car unless you are police.
    3. Cops are required to chase criminals or law breakers (Do not just ignore them)
    4. Police can arrest you for murder (This does not apply to self defense)


    Prop Rules

    1. Do not build in public (Only hobos can)
    2. Do not place props in street.
    3. Do not put props into bases you do not own.
    4. Props can not be invisible
    5. Pitch props are not allowed
    6. Props can not be one way.
    7. Do not prop push/block/kill/surf/fly


    Car Rules

    1. Do not no-collide cars
    2. Do not change transparency on vehicles
    3. Do not materalize your car.
    4. Do not randomly shoot or explode other players cars.
    5. Do not car ram.
    6. Do not interfere with a police chase that has nothing to do with you.
    7. Do not use your vehicle as a bomb or weapon.


    Base and property rules

    1. You may only own one base
    2. You must own the front door/doors of your base/
    3. Do not build bases that provide an unfair advantage to the owner (One Way, Small shooting holes, Drop holes etc…)
    4. Well built bases are not the same, They are fair bases. Just because you can not raid it does not mean it is unfair.
    5. You cannot build a base that requires movement assisted weapons / entities.
    6. You cannot build shooting holes that shoot at the raiders feet or the zone between standing and crouching.
    7. All keypads/buttons must be next to the fading door they control.
    8. You can not stack keypads near fading doors to confuse the raider.
    9. You can have a max of 3 sets of keypads for your base. (Use them wisely)
    10. Your base must have atleast one entrance.
    11. Do not FDA (Fading door abuse) (Using keyboard controls to open/close fading doors during raid) (Opening a shooting hole for less than 5 seconds)
    12. Your base must be located inside a building you own.
    13. You cannot stack multiple fading doors right next to each other unless atleast one player can stand between them.
    14. Put a building sign outside of your base if you are building.
    15. If you have a building sign, you can not have entities inside of your base (Exception for gun dealers placing gun shelves)
    16. Props in your base can not be nocollided (Exception while building)
    17. Buttons and keypads must be visible and not hidden.
    18. Shooting holes must be atleast 05×05 and must be controlled by a button.
    19. Bases that force players to jump or crouch are not allowed.
    20. Drop bases are not allowed (Bases that fade the prop under raider and drop them out of the base or into a propblocked area)
    21. You cannot have hackproof bases (Hackphone)


    Bank and Armory raid rules.

    1. You must advert before raiding
    2. NLR does not apply to government jobs while a raid on either is being raided
    3. Police must KOS raiders for either bank or armory.


Our server is highly customised and we try our best to make it enjoyable to play, we do also encourage you to invite friends and give us feedback to help us develop and improve our server.