Applying For A Staff Position

Applying for a Staff Position:

Understanding the Roll of a Staff Member.

One of the most important responsibilities of a staff member is enforcing the server rules and community guidelines and to do this you are required to fully understand them and be familiar with them yourself. We expect you to know them much better than the average player as a staff member, so make sure you have read them before submitting a staff application and that you’re prepared to read them regularly as they are updated quite frequently.

There are many other things that a staff member has the responsibility of doing and knowing and it is highly recommended that you make yourself aware of these things before submitting a staff application. To find out what exactly you would be expected to do and know we recommended that you talk to a current member of staff and get information from them on what they are required to be familiar with and carry out as a staff member for VLRP Gaming. You can speak to staff on any of our game servers, our TeamSpeak 3 server (server address: “”) and our community forum. Even though it is not compulsory for you to do this (as you will become knowledgeable about this in training) it is recommended that you do this, so you gain a good idea of what it’d be like to actually be a staff member and whether you could coupe with the responsibilities or not.

Creating a Staff Application.

To start when creating a staff application it is recommend that you spend some time reading some of our previously successful and not accepted applications to get an idea of the standards here at VLRP Gaming and what we are looking for in a staff application. This simply put will give you an idea of what type of applications we endorse and which applications we do not accept. You can request to see some previous staff applications by asking a staff manager, when doing this keep in mind that it is not allowed to copy parts of someone else’s staff application under any circumstances.

When actually making the application make sure to answer all the questions in the application form and put a fair amount of time and effort into it. When ready to apply you can get the staff application form which can be found here.

If you don’t get a staff position and you are notified that your staff application was not accepted by us, then you are required to wait an absolute minimum of 1 week to re-apply. When doing this make sure to work on the constructive criticism you were given by staff on the previous application and work on being more active on the forum, our Teamspeak 3 server and gaming servers.

Waiting for Judgement on your Staff Application.

This stage is when you have an application completed and ready for judgement and you are just waiting for it to be reviewed. You will know when a decision has been made as one of the staff managers will conclude and tell you if your application has been accepted or denied.

You should consider doing the following things whilst waiting:

  • Tell other people you’re applying for staff and ask them for their opinions on what they think you’d need to improve on to be a better candidate.
  • Stay active, play on the servers, be on the Teamspeak 3 server and be active on the forum. This will all help you in getting your application accepted.

Your application will be reviewed by our entire staff team during our weekly staff meeting. You will be contacted whether you got the job or not, we don’t forget about applications be patient. We will contact you. Not the other way around!

Training and Trial Phase.

This is the stage where you will be given the moderator rank and given the chance to show us why we should allow you to be part of our staff team. We will then assess whether we want to keep you in the team or not. Please bare in mind we take our community very seriously and we do not allow just anyone to join our staff team.

You will be assigned by the staff managers a personal staff trainer and they will be training you and filling you in with all the things you need to know about being a staff member here at VLRP Gaming. They will also be keeping a very close eye on you during your trial phase as they will be the person who makes the decision on whether you are officially taken out of the trial phase and welcomed into the staff team with an official position with us or not (please do keep in mind the staff managers can overrule the decision made by any staff trainer if necessary).

The trial period will end with a test examined by the community staff managers which will contain several questions revolving around the community. Be prepared and keep in mind we don’t give any hints, clues or any information on what you will be questioned on until the actual test takes place, so think and plan ahead.

If you fail the trial phase, you are required to wait a week before trying again. You shouldn’t lose hope though if this happens because this will be an opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes and correct them. You will always have the chance to try again but please be aware that the staff managers have permission to take away this options from you if they deem it necessary.

Promotions after Moderator.

Promotions are handled by the staff managers of the community. If you seek to gain a higher staff rank in the community then you need to show that you have the right qualities needed for the position and that you’re the right person to take the role. We decide if/when we think you are ready and worthy for a promotion not the other way around, we will contact you regarding promotions. Constantly asking for a promotion is just telling us you don’t have the patience required to be a staff member at all.

The most important thing when aiming to be promoted is to show us that you are active on the forum, our Teamspeak 3 server, game servers and generally worthy of the promotion. This means that you focus on doing your job well throughout the community and that we think you poses the right qualities needed, that you’re trustworthy enough and ready for a higher position with more power and responsibilities.